Laser marking systems

Laser Marking-Laser Welding Machines from Turkey

Lazermarket Markalama Kaynak Ltd, is manufacturer of laser marking machines "fiber laser" and "co2 laser" in Izmir, Turkey. Besides, Lazermarket supplies laser welding machines of Rofin and service for those machines.

Laser marking: We produce 20 w, 30 w, 40 w and 50 w fiber lasers. With fiber lasers, all kinds of metals can be marked and also most of the plastics can be marked. Some kinds of leathers can be marked also.

With co2 lasers, all kinds of organic materials can be marked.

As laser applications; there are car spare parts marking, promotional items marking, medical instruments marking, laser colour marking on stainless steel, all kinds of metals, steel, alluminium, gold, silver, plastic animal ear tags, guns and spare parts...etc can be marked.

We supply fiber lasers as oem, table type and with cabinet. We also apply different automation to lasers.

As Lazermarket, we have been established in 2009 but our group is dealing with lasers since 17 years. Our oldest company, Lazermetal, is dealing with laser cutting. We work on laser marking since 14 years...


Here are the types of fiber lasers we do;

OEM System fiber laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine
For bigger parts to be marked, laser can be located to any kind of place...

Desktop Fiber laser

desktop laser marking
To keep the fiber laser stable, special laser table can be used.

Fiber laser workstation

laser marking workstation
For safety of employees, laser work-station should be used.

Mobile fiber laser work station

mobile laser marking 
To make marking on different places and for big parts that cannot be loaded on a table or work-station, mobile version should be used.

CO2 Lasers

For marking organic materials like plastics, leather, glass...

Laser welding machine

laser welding machine
For repairing moulds or for welding small pieces. Micro processing...
laser marking stainless steel
laser marking painted alluminium
laser marking gold-ring
laser engraving